[Cyclin D1 regulates lung cancer invasion and metastasis].


Cyclin D1, as a regulatory factor in cell cycle, is highly expressed in many tumors, such as lung cancer, breast cancer and thyroid cancer. The aim of the present study was to study the role of Cyclin D1 in invasion and metastasis of lung cancer cells. Lung adenocarcinoma cell line A549 and squamous cell line SK-MES-1 were selected as the objects, because A549 expresses Cyclin D1 highly, and SK-MES-1 expresses lowly. Nude mice were injected with A549 or SK-MES-1 via tail vein, and were sacrificed after 4 weeks for cancer tissue isolation. The harvested cancer cells were reinjected into another nude mouse. After one more time of such seeding, highly metastatic lung cancer model was established. After A549 and SK-MES-1 were transfected with Cyclin D1 RNAi and expression vector respectively, transwell migration assay was used to analyze transferring capacity of lung cancer cells. Western blot was used to detect Cyclin D1 and WNT/TCF pathway proteins expressions in parental cell lines and cancer tissue from metastasis model animals. The results showed that, along with the increase of seeding times, lung cancer cells from model animals, no matter A549 or SK-MES-1, exhibited augmented metastasis activity and up-regulated Cyclin D1 expression. The transferring capacity was weakened significantly in A549 cells where the Cyclin D1 was interfered by RNAi, and it was enhanced significantly in SK-MES-1 cells which were transfected with the expression vector of Cyclin D1. The expressions of WNT/TCF pathway proteins, including β-catenin, lymphoid enhancer-binding factor (LEF) and T cell factor (TCF), increased significantly in highly metastatic model animals. The parental cell lines showed lower expressions of WNT/TCF pathway proteins compared with cancer tissue from metastasis model animals. These results suggest that Cyclin D1 is closely related with the invasion and metastasis of lung cancer cells, and the WNT/TCF signal pathway may promote the expression of Cyclin D1.


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