Mechanism and Methods of Fuzzy Geographical Object Modeling


Fuzziness is an important aspect of the uncertainties of spatial data. In this paper, the mechanism and methods of spatial modeling for fuzzy geographical objects are focused and the following two issues are resolved: (1) Modeling fuzzy geographical objects; (2) Modeling the relation between two fuzzy geographical objects. In the first issue, fuzzy geographical objects are defined by the novel object-oriented modeling method. In the second issue, fuzzy object classes and fuzzy geographical object classes are defined by Unified Modeling Language (UML), and the method of modeling fuzzy spatial relationship is put forward. Then an integrated UML graph is established to express the conceptual model of fuzzy geographical objects as well as the fuzzy topological relations between objects. Finally, the UML Graph can be input to the general relation database to finish the database design.


    10 Figures and Tables

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